Certificates Translation

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Certificate I

Chinese to English
$ 39
One e-copy
  • 1 translator*
  • 7 days delivery

Certificate II

Chinese to English
$ 59
One e-copy
  • 1 translator*
  • 3 days delivery

Certificate III

Chinese to English
$ 99
One Certified e-copy
  • 2 translators*
  • 48 hours delivery

The above is a quick reference for our Chinese to English translation service fees for certificates, including but not limited to diploma, marriage certificate, driver license, birth certificate, divorce certificate, certificate of clearance, and death certificate. We also handle English to Chinese (Simplified Chinese Mandarin and Traditional Chinese Mandarin. For specific ones, the actual fee charged may depend on a further evaluation.

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Kindly note, we only handle the English, Mandarin (both Simplified and Traditional Chinese) and occasionally Cantonese .
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